Aspen Excelsior is a great medium for craft and gift basket projects. It is a great filler for gourmet gift baskets, wine crates, fruit gift boxes, packaging cushion, premium animal bedding, display material, etc.

Our blend of blonde and light beige shredded wood fiber is soft, curly, and cleaner than other excelsior on the market. No more challenges with coarse, hard, splintery, “feels-like-sticks” baled excelsior anymore.  Aspen Excelsior is an all-natural and biodegradable alternative to crinkled paper and Mylar, which requires the use of chemicals to manufacture. Also, Aspen Excelsior doesn’t pack down the way crinkled paper does.

Choose “Aspen Excelsior Regular” cut for basic need projects, or “Aspen Excelsior Fine” cut for special projects where a finer grade of excelsior is desired.


Aspen Excelsior Regular 1/16“ width


Aspen Excelsior Fine 1/32“ width


  • Favorite filler in fruit and gourmet gift baskets, gift boxes, wine crates...
  • No more coarse, hard, splintery, and feel-like-sticks baled aspen excelsior.
  • An all-natural, eco-friendly, and cheaper alternative to crinkle paper and Mylar.
  • Support heavier items without matting or loosing shape.
  • Non-allergenic, biodegradable, and environmentally sustainable.
  • Set yourself apart from the big box stores by using our Aspen Excelsior!