Floral Moss
, the original wood moss, is a cleaner alternative to Spanish moss and Sheet moss. It is made from Rocky Mountain ASPEN trees that are milled to achieve a final product to look like Spanish moss, but is actually finely shaved aspen wood fiber.

There are other aspen wood mosses out there, but be aware of imitations that shave the aspen wood fiber twice as thick OR use baled aspen wood fiber. A thick cut gives coarser fiber with less coverage. A baled fiber gives you the same sort of things plus short pieces and more waste. Also, don't be fooled when others talk in pounds, ask how much it covers (coverage is the key to value). Keep this in mind when comparing our product with others.

Our Floral Moss is a better-looking product to use, softer with longer fiber strands, fluffier, easier to work with compare to other aspen wood mosses, and come with none of the  associated problems related to real mosses. 

Florists, dish garden makers, and interiorscapers love to use it as decorative covering, top dressing, ground cover, in pots and planters, dish gardens, silk and live plants arrangements, potted plants, terrariums, potted trees, and home decor.

Available in the following colors:

Aspen Excelsior Moss Gray 1/32“ width


Aspen Excelsior Moss Green 1/32“ width


Brown Excelsior Moss


  • Available year-round.
  • Free of mold, mildew, bugs, insects, and critters.
  • Clean alternative to Spanish and Sheet Moss.
  • Provides more coverage than Spanish moss or other imitation mosses for less.
  • Aspen wood fibers sustain watering better than other mosses and last "forever".
  • Non-allergenic, biodegradable, and environmentally sustainable.
  • Enhance your floral and plant arrangements with our unique Floral Moss!