About Us

Established since 1952
Formerly known as Johnston's Aspen Cooler Pad,

Excellent Excelsior has been manufacturing quality ASPEN wood products
for over 67 years,
geared to the floral and gift industries, as well as evaporative water cooler pad.  

Made in the U.S.A.
We are proud to say that we make our ASPEN wood products in Northern California.
Our quality aspen wood excelsior is produced entirely by us from start to finish (milling process to shipping).
As a veteran, family owned and operated small business, we strive to give personal customer service.

An All-Natural ASPEN Product
ASPEN trees regenerate from their root system.
Cut one tree down and several fast growing aspen trees will take its place.
This species of tree reforests itself, so the process is sustainable, renewable, and environmentally friendly.